Just a Whisper Away

What do you think?

by Christine Atherton 
(Norfolk UK)

Was I not meant to hold you,
Safe within my arms,
To protect you from the world,
And any who meant you harm.
Was I not allowed to see your smiles,
Hold your hands for those first stumbles,
Teach you your very first words,
And listen to gurgles and mumbles.
So Then I have to believe in Gods plan,
To let you grow with him up there,
So now you have your wings my love,
I send my love with prayer.
To God I say “please Love her”
“Don’t tell her off too quickly”,
Let her play with other babies,
And all the children no longer sickly.
I know I can tell her always,
How much I love her so.
How my thoughts are of her daily,
And in my heart I know,
Her love is just a whisper away,
Her heart it knows for sure,
Of my undying love for her,
Each day I miss her more.
So Angel just remember,
You’re my baby for eternity ever,
One day again I’ll hold you in my arms,
And know we’ll be parted never.
But for now I’ll send you whispers,
Of my love and kisses too,
And listen hard for whispers back,
From my darling daughter YOU xxx

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