Until Then

What do you think?

by Shannon Breen 
(Brisbane, Australia)


How to describe a person, in just a couple of words?
How to portray all those years, in just a few short lines?
Platitudes are well and good, but clichés are too commonplace;
to express the joy you brought to us, each and every day.

What a life you had, what a lot you saw, and learned along the way!
What fun, what sadness, what laughs, what friends!
Every step you cherished and took within your stride; 
and even though the path was long, you fought strong till the end. 

And as you slip away from us, and move into the light, 
All you really need to know, is that we cherished every minute. 
Although we weep at losing you, we are grateful for your gifts; 
and most of all, we were blessed to share in you, if but for a minute. 

The sun will rise and the sun will set, the seasons come and go,
And every day we’ll think of you and everything you were. 
Deep down we know you’ll never leave, because you live on in our hearts;
and walk with us till our paths end, and we’re together once again. 

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