Angel Standing By Jewel

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“I wrote the song ‘Angel Standing By’ to try and soothe myself – rock myself to sleep basically – because I was so scared and stressed.” – Jewel

Jewel is the voice of an angel. The comforting harp makes this song sound like it was sent straight from heaven. Jewel’s sweet harmonious voice delivers reassuring lyrics that she is standing by to protect you from bad dreams and troubles.

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All through the night,
I’ll be watching over you
And all through the night,
I’ll be standing over you
Through the bad dreams,
I’ll be right there baby
Telling you everything is gonna be alright
When you cry,
I’ll be there baby
Telling you you’re never nothing
Less than beautiful
So don’t you worry,
I’m your angel standing by.
Songwriters: Jewel Kilcher
Angel Standing By lyrics © Downtown Music Publishing

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