What do you think?

by Rebekah 
(Mahwah NJ)

Another woman you’ll never meet
to take the place of someone so sweet
her love and caring so divine
you’d want to be near her all the time

She would scratch our backs
and play with our hair
she had no boundaries
to show us how much she cared

Reminiscing on memories
throughout my childhood years
she was always there to talk to
and to wipe away any tears

No matter the problem
whether a broken heart or broken arm
she’d hold and console you
making you feel invincible to harm

There wasn’t a problem
grandma couldn’t work out
even when we were bad
and we’d cry and pout

She loved us through it all
the good and the bad
that’s why saying goodbye to her
makes us so sad

Though we’re going to miss her
heaven is where she will be
to see her mama and Jesus
in a new body that’s pain free

So with that grandma we love you
in our hearts forever you’ll stay
and with your prayers and God’s grace
we hope to see you in heaven one day

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