Patty Lives

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This is a beautiful poem I read at my sister’s funeral. Patty was a rare human being…wonderful, kind, loving, wise, and unique. I searched for a long time trying to find a poem that related to the person she was, so when I found this poem I knew it was the special one I had been looking for.

I immediately felt a connection while reading it because it reminded me so much of how Patty viewed life. She saw beauty in everything, had a strong belief in God and His plan, and she never allowed anything to get her down. She was born with cerebral palsy but never let it get in the way of enjoying her life to the fullest. She was an amazing, strong, woman who I really admired and learned so much from.

She taught me what was really important in life and to delete any mind clutter that blocks us from being who we truly are and doesn’t serve our higher good. Now she is my guardian angel. Anyways, this poem was originally titled “LINA LIVES” and it was written by a man who tragically lost his baby sister. Unfortunately there was no mention of the author’s name…but I’m truly grateful to him for writing it.


A snow white dove flew down on my shoulder yesterday. 
And whispered that I was loved. 
An Elk crossed my path two days ago. 
And gave me the strength to walk on.

An old oak tree bowed down its branches 
all glistening from the newly fallen rain. 
As the leaves shed their tears 
we celebrated the life of my sister.

A hummingbird tapped at my window 
Abuzz with news that Patty lived on.

The sun is still shining 
and the moon still rises. 
The rivers still run 
and the ocean waves still pound the shores.

My sister lives on 
every where I go, 
Patty lives in everything I see 
Patty lives in every turn I take.

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