My Angel Friend by Rodney Carrington

What do you think?

by Felisha 

I love this song it always touches me and brings tears to my eyes. I picked it for my grandfathers funeral =)


Lift me up each day
Even though you’ve gone away
Your Spirit dances in my mind
In my heart, and in my soul
The life you lived, The Love you left
The one’s you’ve touched, we won’t forget
You give us strength in time of need
My Friend, My Angel Friend

‘And we shared good times, through the years
In my heart and soul, you’re here with me
My Friend, My Angel Friend


I hear you whisper in the wind
Piece by piece our, hearts will mend
The dreams you’ve shared will carry on
Here and now, and beyond
‘And the world will smile, for you were here
The gifts you brought we’ll hold them dear
I’ll take you with me, ’til we meet again
My Friend My Angel Friend

‘And We’ll share good times from now on
In my heart you live on, with me
My Friend, My Angel Friend

I miss my Friend


A loss of a good friend 
by: Kyle Burgess 

I lost my dog Patches yesterday, I had to put him down when he tried to attack my 3 year old son. Then he turned on me. I fed him with a bottle for months because he was sick and weak as a pup. 
I had him since he was 3 weeks old and he would be 8 in February. I like this song a lot it also reminds me of our fallen family overseas and our fallen brothers and sisters from 9/11. 
This song will make you sad and happy at the same time. 
It reminds me when I lost my son Corbin and they brought him back, and he is not the same boy I saw leave for the hospital, he is my miracle. Thank you for who ever guided my hand to this site. I needed this comfort from my favorite comic. Sings Good. 
Thank You!

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