So Close by Maggie Young

What do you think?

by Maggie Young 
(N Ireland)


The loss of my brother Robert left a huge void in my heart and life, when he passed away on the morning of 31st December 2011. I Now feel it’s the right time to release a single (In His Memory) which I had wanted to record and sing -Actually shout aloud to the world- how I’d learnt of Robert’s suspicious and untimely death. (Though my music can only hint at some of the facts, without me being sued) I was (and still am to this day) discouraged to talk about him or even mention my late brother Robert’s name. Well I am! I’m Immortalising His Memory (as I can No Longer be kept silenced) -through this song. In this single called ”SO CLOSE” which will live on, even after I’ve passed on.

I don’t even know where his ashes are? Or even if they’ve ever been scattered? So I have lost any trust I ever had with my birth family. In fact I mentioned I was always a curious child- referring to learning about the world we live in. This was totally misunderstood in a recent phone call, made by one of my close family members. They responded by saying ( and I quote)… ”Robert was like that, and look where it got him. What was that supposed to mean ???? Has now got me even more curious about his sudden death!


Those painful feelings I’ve had, I had to express through music – which Robert loved – though none of Robert’s own family were even allowed to suggest any of his favourite music to be played at his funeral – I often wondered why that was? I never was even informed or learned he was to be cremated, until the day of his funeral. Now that was a real shock!!!!

Although this started as an Sad and Emotional Contemporary Ballad, which was very upsetting to write I know now he is really happy for once; and awaits the day when we’ll be together again. Until then I only have him, in Spirit.

A Clairvoyant friend I went to visit mentioned a bright yellow rose he wanted me to have – she didn’t even know that a Yellow Rose was and still is my, and my late Granny’s favourite flower; and I’ve always grown at least one yellow rose shrub. The Lyrics of the chorus of my song are totally true, as although am an evidenced based person, I’ve seen my late brother Robert, not only in a dream but in bodily form, several times since he passed on and so has a visitor to my home-and they didn’t even know I’d seen him 3 times previously.

So the message I hope my song brings comfort to not only myself, but To those who have lost a loved one. Their loved one’s spirit never really leaves us; even though we can’t always see them, we may still feel their presence. Even when working on a new song, on my keyboard I can often feel Robert’s presence with me; as I ”was told” we’re ”closer now than we’ve ever been” when doing what he loved to do making music too. Robert’s Spirit has, I believe, greatly inspired my lyrics and music- as a gifted and talented musician, he has always encouraged me. SO THIS IS MY TRIBUTE TO HIM. Love you always – bro xxx



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