Starting Over by Pegi Young

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Pegi Young has been married to Neil Young since 1978. According to Pegi, “Starting Over” just came through really fast – the words. She says “That was after I went to a memorial service for a friend of mine who had lost his wife after like 50-some years of marriage. He put together this beautiful thing, but then it was just too stunning to think, Well, now what? How do you go on? And my friend Anthony Crawford wrote the music for that one. I’d gone to L.A. for this event and then came home and the band was there. I showed him the words and the next day he had a melody for it. So that’s how that one came about.”

Source: SongFacts


Can’t find the words to leave the ache in my heart

How would it feel if we had to part

Staring over anew in a world without you

They all use such adjectives like generous and kind

Called you a saint and an angel I was wonderin’ if you’d mind

Starting over anew in a world without you

Memories last for days real tears fall at night 


How could I go on if the heart is aching so tight

In your chest 

Gotta do your best 

Coz you’re starting over

Starting Over

Starting over anew in a world without you

Starting over anew in a world without you


Songwriters: Pegi Young & Anthony Crawford

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