The Elvis Presley Collection


Everybody has heard of Elvis Aaron Presley. He was one of the most influential musicians of last century. Elvis lived 42 years on this earth and it was over a 24 year career that he recorded almost 800 songs!  Without any formal lessons, Elvis could play guitar, bass and piano. Noone has broken his record of best selling solo artist. Enjoy this collection of Elvis Presley songs that could be suitable to play at a funeral or memorial.

Unchained Melody

Written in 1955, Elvis’ version of Unchained Melody is the 2nd most popular, after the Righteous Brothers’.

One of Elvis’ first and most well known songs. This is a ballad purely about everlasting love set to a simple tune.

Released in 1972, this was one of Elvis’ later hits, but meaningful because he had recently separated from his wife Priscilla.

Written especially for an Elvis TV special, Memories is all about reminiscing on the best parts of a life well lived.

Elvis recorded plenty of hymns during his career, but Amazing Grace is a standout.

Elvis loved performing gospel inspired music, and this song allowed his powerful voice to reach its full potential.

Elvis’ interpretation of this classic Irish anthem.

A song recorded early in Elvis’ career. It was performed at the conclusion of the movie Jailhouse Rock from 1957.

A song of comfort and encouragement in true Elvis style.

A bright and jazzy hymn about the day of revelation, this version recorded with help from a few of Elvis’ talented friends.

This biblical classic made special with Elvis’ dulcet vocals.

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