Weep Not For Me

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I was searching the net today for a poem by which to remember my son’s best friend, who sadly took his own life at the age of 25. I didn’t want a religious poem, or one related to long illnesses/old age. I came upon this one, and am afraid I do not know the author, but would like to share it with you in the hope that someone may take comfort in it, as I have.


Weep not for me

Weep not for me though I have gone
Into that gentle night
Grieve if you will, but not for long
Upon my soul’s sweet flight

I am at peace, my soul’s at rest
There is no need for tears
For with your love I was so blessed
For all those many years

There is no pain, I suffer not
The fear is now all gone
Put now these things out of your thoughts
In your memory, I live on

Remember not my fight for breath
Remember not the strife
Please do not dwell upon my death
But celebrate my life

Sleep in peace Patrick. x

weep not for me
Weep Not For Me


Poem author 
by: Hazel M 

The author of that beautiful poem is Constance Jenkins. It has been a great comfort for me and helped me deal with all the bottled-up emotions when I had my own grieving period. Thanks for posting. May the memory of our loved ones who went on before us live forever.

 Poem for a dead cat 
by: Anonymous 

Constance Jenkins wrote this on the death of her cat, a fact not often mentioned when it’s used for humans!

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  1. I dedicate this poem to my nephew Patrick James Boyd. He was but 52, too young , too old and not enough time; though he passes through the light to life, beyond his time and realm, he was but a child and my nephew. He is already missed, he is already missed. I will remember him, I will always remember him for it is I, his Aunt Berni, that loved him and never gave up on him…I love U Patrick.


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