Songs About Letting Go and Flying Free


At emotional occasions such as funerals and memorials, a beautiful way to conclude the service is to release white doves. White Doves represent love, peace and spirit. As the doves fly away, you can imagine you’re sending love out to the world and to the person whose life you are celebrating. Mourners leave the event looking up to the sky and therefore the mood changes to uplifting rather than melancholy.

[Side note: As described on our home page, we used to offer a dove release service but due to unfortunate circumstances we no longer do. If you hire some white doves for release, check that the birds being released are fit, healthy, well trained homing pigeons released by a professional flight attendant. If not, the release of the doves may not go smoothly and there is no guarantee that the birds being released would survive.]



If you plan to have a ceremonial release of doves, the following music is a perfect accompaniment because these songs are about flying away and being free. 

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